18-22 JULY 2018

'Orchids in the Foothills'

Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium,
South Windsor,
NSW, Australia

Autumn 2015 Show Awards

Grand Champion Orchid of the Show
Masdevallia Veitch's Candy Cane J Haniver

Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show
Cym tracyanum E & F Wilde

Champion Cymbidium
Cym tracyanum E & F Wilde

Champion Australian Native Orchid
Pterostylis furcillatum J & L Karbownik

Champion Laeliinae Orchid
Pot Hsinyini 'Pink Doll' S & H Randall

Reserve Champion Laeliinea Orchid
Blc Melody Fair A Scerri

Champion Paphiopedilum Orchid
Paph villosum J W Crawford

Champion Masdevallia Orchid
Masdevallia Veitch's Candy Cane J Haniver

Champion Hybrid Orchid
Wilsonara Kalibri 'Rainbow' S & H Randall

Champion Species Orchid: Gerald McCraith AM Award
Cym tracyanum E & F Wilde

Champion exhibit by an Intermediate Grower
Den Mingles 'Sapphire' Dau Nguyen

Champion exhibit by a Novice Grower
Masd Golden Monarch 'Crown Vista' K Forbes

Champion Specimen Orchid
Onc Sharry Baby S & H Randall

Champion Stand (Predominately Orchids)
Stand E S & H Randall

Champion Basket of Orchids
Basket 1 G Manna

Champion Plant (Non orchid)
Plant 68 Begonia J & M Lattimore

Best Open Floral Art
M Lattimore

Best Intermediate Floral Art
A Scerri

Best Novice Floral Art
M Malacria

Best Junior Floral Art
S Promopec

Best Wired Work
M Lattimore

Best Cultivated Orchid
Pterostylis sp tenuacouda J & L Karbownik

Best Seedling Orchid - 1st Flowering
Zygo Adelaide Light x Adelaide Meadow B Duncan

Best Bromeliad Exhibit
E & F Wilde

Best Fern Exhibit
K Forbes

Best Foliage Exhibit (Non orchid)
J & M Lattimore

Best Flowering Exhibit (Non orchid)
G Mannal

Best Cacti/Succulent
D Colquoun

Best Bonsai Exhibit
D Visser