18-22 JULY 2018

'Orchids in the Foothills'

Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium,
South Windsor,
NSW, Australia


We had a fantastic turnout to see our 2011 Winter Orchid Show. There were various demonstrations, floral art, food, refreshments, and the sale of orchids and plant accessories adding to the interest. We also had a raffle.

Here are some photos that were taken at the show.

The Grand Champion of the Show was Dtps Leopard Princess shown by Jim & Margot Lattimore. It was awarded a HCC/AOC/VIC with 78 points by the judges. This phalaenopsis also won the Champion Hybrid Orchid.

Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show and Champion Paphiopedilum Hybrid, Paph Raisin Eyes x sukhakulii shown by J W Crawford.

Champion Cymbidium Cym Little Miss Jess shown by David Wain.

Champion Species Orchid: Gerald McCraith AM Award and Champion Specimen Orchid was Sophronitis coccinea shown by A Wilde. It was also recommended for a MOS Club Cultural Certificate by the judges.

Champion Orchid by an Intermediate Grower, and Best Seedling Orchid - 1st Flowering, Zygo Conway's Choice x Iron Baron shown by Len & Evonka Johnstone. It was awarded a HCC/AOC/VIC with 78 points

Champion Orchid by a Novice Grower was Encyclia polybulbon shown by T Nguyen.

Champion Basket of Orchids was Basket 1 entered by Anita Evans

Champion Stand (Predominately Orchids)was won by Stand 'D', Jim & Margot Lattimore.

Champion Masdevallia Orchid, Masd Flight of Fancy 'Beenak' shown by Steve & Helen Randall

There were many entries in the floral art section. Best Intermediate Floral Art was won by Barbara Carey